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RNDr. Michal Šilhár
  038 40 Žabokreky 298
    okres Martin
  tel: +421905740988
  tei: +421901740988

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About us / History

I started taxiderming at the age of 16, led by RNDr. Ľubomír Brtek,CSc. I am thankful for teaching me how to adapt creative and liable approach in taxiderming and how to respect either living animal or its dead body. During my more than 30 years in practice I was also blessed and had opportunity to collaborate and learn from such excellent taxidermist as:

Mr. Borůvka from Opava
Mr. Malucha from Ostrava
Mr. Porubčanský from Varín near Žilina &
Mr. Cengel from Kláštor pod Znievom.
One of the most valuable assets I gained was the ability to work as a museum taxidermist in Museum Andreja Kmeťa in Martin. 
Veľkým prínosom pre moju prax bola aj práca múzejného preparátora v Múzeu Andreja Kmeťa v Martine. Times have changed and new materials and chemicals emerged. Wooden padding was replaced by polyuretane models and arsenic preparates got replaced by seibokal, molantine and others.

Our company RNDr. Michal Šilhár – LESONIA.SK was transformed into LESONIA Llc. at the end of 2013.

CONTACT, e-mail: preparaty@preparaty.sk